New Products Pages Updates

In the spirit of Black Friday, today I spent my non-shopping time adding to & upgrading my Products & CG-Lock pages.

So far I have added 4 companies (on my Products my  page) where you can browse through to see how you can effectively upgrade your competition vehicle or your daily driver:

At Discount Parts Auto Performance, they have a good selection and great pricing on the acclaimed K&N Performance filters – and that’s before the 10% discount they are offering.  So, go ahead & consider the best bang for the buck performance upgrade for your vehicle, the K&N Performance Filter!

K&N 125x125

Tire Rack is a recognized supplier in amateur racing circles.  They are well known for their customer service and thoroughly researched advice.  They can assist you in making the correct tire purchase, whether it be for the track or the street.  Tire Rack also offers a selection of wheels, brakes, suspension parts, advice & more.

Tire Rack- Revolutionizing Tire Buying

I’m sure you remember, in your youth, paging through the JC Whitney Catalog, dreaming of the cars you could modify with the treasure trove of parts they offer.  That quantity & selection is still available, with free shipping, too.  Visit their online version of that catalog here.

JC Whitney Brand

Many of us don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to devote to building a competitive race car.  Racing Junk has a solution.  If you ever wanted to see what other racers are willing to let go. click at this interesting site – you’ll be surprised at what is being offered.

These are all well-regarded vendors of quality products.  Consider looking through these sites for yourself or friends.  Go ahead & bookmark them – come back later for more vehicle upgrade purchase ideas.

Racing Ready wants to be more than just your racing inspiration, information & entertainment source; but also to recommend products for your purchase consideration.  So, click away!

Thank you!


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