A Fulfillment of Dreams

During Thanksgiving, as on other holidays, I catch up on long distance family.  So yesterday, I spoke with my sister and we got talking about this blog.  My sister is not at all a computer user, nor an Internet surfer, so I had some PC/Internet concepts to explain.

Once my sister got the gist of what I’m doing with my blog, “Go from wannabe racer to successful racing competitor!”, she shared this with me.  She recalls, that, as a kid, I was always reading about cars & building 1/24th scale racing car models.  She was happy to see me pursue a dream I’ve had since my youth.

It’s good to get family understanding & confirmation of my quest with this blog!

I wonder if I’ll pursue building a full scale race car?  I’m thinking it would be easier to buy a competitive vehicle, already completed.  Along that line of thinking, you (like me) can visit RacingJunk.com.  They specialize as a clearinghouse for used racing cars & other racing related equipment.  Also, they are one of my Products vendors.  I’ve enjoyed browsing through what others have built & are willing to sell at a good price – check out their interesting selection!


Racing Ready wants to help others pursue & fulfill their dreams.


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