Racing Ready To The Last Of 2008 – A Review

Time marches on to next year.  For some it’s too fast, for others, not fast enough.  Personally, I think it’s been just fine…

Here’s an interestingly brief review, filtered through the eyes of Racing Ready:
Enjoy the links to review the variety & what’s in my blog!

  • June 8th, the birth of Racing Ready & the Pearsall Solo Divisional
  • Becoming a respected reporting source for local autocross club activities, with SASCA & SPOKES
  • Learning about & starting to promote the GC-Lock, one of the most cost-effective & simple improvements you can add to your car – it WILL improve your driving performance! [Go to their website, put in Coupon Code: racingready – You’ll save $5.00!]
  • Learning and informing others about the sport of karting at Alamo Karts
  • A slow, but incrementally consistent increase in site visitor traffic
  • Finding a relatively close regional road race circuit at Harris Hill Road (H2R), with great owners & personnel, and programmed road racing activities
  • This blog’s Bookstore Page/Portal (it’s
  • October 19th, I first autocrossed the ‘Big White Whale’, my daily driver (with a first run video!)
  • This blog’s Products Page, with personal testimonial information
  • The passing of 2 racing greats: Phil Hill, followed by Paul Newman
  • Learning of local NASA road racers & starting to get involved in their preparations for next year’s racing season
  • And so much more…

In addition, I know you’ve enjoyed the many images of cars & their owners I have posted.  By far, this image below of SPOKES club member David (aka “Gramps”) & his daughter Miriam, is my favorite.  It so very well expresses the spirit of encouragement between them, inspiring improvement upon successive autocross runs.

Racing Ready wants you to take up this same spirit as we close out 2008 & have that momentum push you to new, higher plateaus, racing or otherwise, for the next year!


Dedicated Honda S2000 Club Racer

A couple of weeks ago I met Roger.  He is Member #10 at H2R.  I had seen him out on the 1.8 mile track and after he came in, I asked him about his car.  I’m glad I did as I didn’t really know about this version of the 2008 Honda S2000, the CR.

It’s a purpose-specific car – CR stands for Club Racer.  For South/Central Texas you have to be extra dedicated to own this car.  Besides the lack of a radio, there’s no A/C.  You don’t need that in a race car, anyway.  For Roger it’s only about 50 miles away from his home in the Austin area, to be able to his laps at speed at H2R.

This is actually his second S2000.  For this CR version, he traded his Porsche Caymen.  Of note is the special color, called Apex Blue.  It is exclusive to this Club Racer version.  He has done no performance upgrades, adding only a Traqmate, a GPS-based timing/performance recording system & device, and replaced the brake lines with braided stainless steel ones by Goodridge.

As to consumables, at just over 10K miles, he’s consistently changed the oil, and he’s on his fourth (!) of set disc brake rotors.  No, I don’t mean pads, but the rotors themselves.  After going through 2 sets of the factory disks, he found & is using the DBA brand of rotors.  Yes, he is on his second set of the DBAs, but he says they are much better in longevity and a direct OEM replacement.

Racing Ready admires individuals who have both the wherewithal & the commitment to dedicate their free time (& money) to serious laps at speed.  It was just recently that Roger was able to get into 1’30” range of lap times at H2R.  That’s an excellent time for a car that can still be driven daily.

I also admire the commitment of Bo Rivers & Eric Beverding of Harris Hill Road, they have an excellent program for weekend racers such as Roger!


RASR – Racers Against Street Racing

Reviewing different groups in Facebook, recently, I came across RASR.  Racers Against Street Racing is a legitimately concerned group of individuals & corporations who want to get illegal street racers into safe, legal forms of racing.  Like they say, if you want to race, go to a racetrack.  Their initial focus is on drag racing, but the site says they plan to broaden it to other forms of racing.

A couple of months ago, Jeremi (of Chevy S-10 truck autocrossing fame) suggested I appeal to kids who street race, to get them involved in autocross.  Apparently, he knew of some individuals that could benefit from enjoying autocross like he does now.  Specifically, Jeremi said, this autocrossing thing is so much more fun than street racing, and it’s a legal, controlled fun environment.

So, when I saw this initative’s website, I thought it would be appropriate to post here.  Here’s a quote, directly from the RASR website:


The goal of RASR is to provide a professional controlled environment in which today’s sport compact enthusiasts can participate in automotive-related events throughout the United States. RASR’s initial focus is on drag racing and will expand to other forms of racing in the future.

Want to get involved? Start with not street racing…then tell your friends not to street race… and when challenged, take it to a sanctioned track.

The benefits? You live, others live, your car doesn’t get impounded, you don’t get arrested and fingerprinted and… the best of all… A TIME SLIP DOESN’T LIE!

RASR is managed by the SPC (Street Performance Council), a council of the organization that puts on the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) trade show every year.  That event is automotive aftermarket nirvana, but you can only attend if you’re in the trade, i.e., not open to the public.  🙁

Racing Ready supports legal racing, drag or otherwise, to put an end to illegal & dangerous street racing.  Encourage those individuals you know to get involved in your local club & get off the street!


2004 Honda S2000 – Carbon Fiber Coverage

Truong, the autocross enthusiast will be promoting Steven’s cross-country autocross campaign next year.  After meeting with him about 12 days ago, we stepped outside to admire his daily driver, a 2004 Honda S2000 (the AP2 model).

Prior to this sweet Honda ownership, Truong was an Acura Integra owner.  He enjoys these wheels much more!  Besides enjoying it daily, he has autocrossed it enough times to know he enjoys the sport & admires those who do well.  With the exception of the carbon fiber hood, Truong has done little to go beyond a stock S2000.  These are the simple, “non-threatening” to stock upgrades he has done:

  • HKS cat back exhaust
  • Works wheels
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE 050 tires

  • the engine is completely stock!
  • …and the carbon fiber hood

With the exception of the hood, these upgrades are still within the realm of the stock SCCA autocross classification.  The hood modification is not considered stock, but the clubs he competes with let him get by in the stock class.  But they always ask, “Hmmm, so what’s under the hood?”, and he has to explain that nothing is beyond stock under there…

And here’s an action shot of Truong when he was bored one day.  He drove around Austin with the top down with his helmet on.  He says he sure got some very funny looks from other drivers.  They, like me, must have been wondering,

“That’s strange, what’s this guy gonna do?”

Racing Ready, too, has nothing to hide.  This blog is to inform, entertain & provide a reference for you racers, with motorsports product to promote upgrading your cars & yourselves.  All of these things are not yet in place (I know).  It’s an ongoing work in progress.  Again, I thank you for your consistent & faithful reading, and especially your patience…

See you out there!


Autobianchi Abarth & More At H2R Garage

In addition to the 24 Hours of LeMons cars at H2R I posted about before the DDOS attack, there are some additional, unique vehicles.

Here’s what is posted at H2R about the Autobianchi Abarth…

First H2R Gran Prix – August 25, 2008

The first H2R Grand Prix is underway! Members can rent our Autobianchi A112 and run our 3.8-mile course (forward and back).

You can run as many times as you’d like to try and beat your buddies. The fastest time gets three free track sessions! Times are posted at H2R. And because of the car’s low power, they’re competitive!

One of the newer H2R vehicle additions – the Mazda Miata “High Rise” track car…

Eric said that the “High Rise” nickname is for that TALL roll bar.  It’s that high for safety purposes, to be able to safely protect even very tall drivers.  He also said they are looking to add a second Miata, as well :-).

And, their Panoz revisited.  The previous fall visit I had at H2R started off with a brisk ride-along with Bo in this car. It’s amazing what a wax job car do to a car’s appearance improvement…it didn’t look like the same car!

This was quite an improvement, as with all things I noted at H2RRacing Ready , too, is working to continuously improve.  For those of you not yet receiving my daily posting via RSS, click here!


Merry Christmas 2008

Even with my recent DDOS attack, I’m sure most of you are too busy & involved in holiday & family activities to read my blog today, anyway…

I just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, for this 2008.

Enjoy it safely with your family & friends, from Racing Ready to you!