President’s Daily Driver – BMW M3

Rick, the President of Texas SPOKES Sports Car Club, brought his daily driver to the 11/23/2008 autocross.  This was the emblem on the side to the car.

Here’s a new emblem image to get a better idea of the specialness of this car, a 1995 BMW M3 – how cool is that as a daily driver!?!

Rick still has his normal competition car, a 1972 Datsun 240Z, “in pieces” since the Nationals.  His tranny didn’t make it all the way through.  But he couldn’t not participate in the autocross – therefore, the presence of his Bimmer.

This was already a great street car to begin with in its day.  Rick has done an overall, upgrading & improvement of parts.  Without giving me real specifics, here is what he’s changed out & upgraded:

  • STU springs
  • shocks
  • sway bars
  • exhaust
  • … & a performance chip

Sounds like sensible, normal upgrades to me.

Racing Ready is all about normal & sensible, with the end in mind of improving your racing competitiveness.  Now with a solid start of a better Product Page (for your car) , I will need to work on offering products (of education & safety) for the driver.


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