Chevy S-10 Rebirth & Another Novice Maxima

Jeremi, the 1990 Chevy S-10 owner, who competed at a past SPOKES autocross, showed up for his third event on 11/23/2008.  In addition to some changes to his truck, he brought along 2 friends; his friend Trece (pronounced “Trace”) & his Dad, Mark.

I had nicknamed Jeremi’s S-10 ‘The Dolphin’, due to its porpoising nature though the autocross cones.  He was excited to show me the rear suspension modification he had completed.  He dropped the rear suspension 2″ using lowering blocks.

It looked a bit odd with the front of the truck higher than the back.  Jeremi did mention that while driving around doing his job of pool maintenance, the truck DID feel more solid & easier to control.  He was looking forward to trying out his mod at speed, at the autocross limit.

Here’s Jeremi on course tracking the rear end  under better control.

Jeremi had convinced his good buddy, Trece, to come & participate at this autocross.  I don’t think it took much convincing as he was prepared with a set of 4 tires, to use in place of his daily rubber & black wheels.

Trece’s 1996 Nissan Maxima is pretty much stock.  He’s only upgraded the air filter to help it breathe better.  You can see that visually it is different, but that’s only aesthetics.

And here’s Trece no longer stylin’, but flyin’ through the course.

And what about Mark, Jeremi’s Dad?  Tomorrow I’ll write up about the vehicle he brought to this event (#46) & what he did…interesting & different.  You’ll see where Jeremi got his competitive automotive spirit.

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