Local Stock Car Racer Tries Autocross

Mark, the father of Jeremi the Chevy S-10 autocrosser, trailered his vehicle to the SPOKES 11/23/2008 autocross.

He came to see what his son was telling him about autocrossing, to see what it was all about.  You see, Mark is accustomed to only turning left.  He drives at the local NASCAR equivalent stock car track called Thunderhill Raceway.

Mark’s car (or are these vehicles sort of trucks?) started life as a 1976 Chevrolet El Camino, a 2 seat sedan with a pickup truck bed.  Originally he bought it for $50, gutted it, replaced the original motor with a mostly stock 353.  Mark has fun banging it around other local stock car tracks.

He says he’s had his El Camino up on the frame straightening machine 3 times!

You can tell this is a purpose-built, reinforced frame monster, modified for abuse.  Mark has a lot of fun driving his El Camino in local stock car racing events.

Since Mark knew that autocrossing involved turning both left AND right, he had to significantly re-adjust the front suspension camber.  Of course, being from the world of NASCAR, it’s normally optimized to turn turn left.

Another interesting observation during his runs was the amount of blue-white smoke coming from the rear.  This was the result of overcooking the rear tires at the beginning of straight sections of the course.  Here’s a shot of Mark at speed (w/o tire smoke):

Women really like stock car racing.  I don’t know the relationship of this young lady to Mark, but you can tell she’s an up & coming fan.

And lastly, it was interesting to learn some additional things about Mark’s racing background, his hobbies & other interesting facts – check out his Mark Rahn Motorsports website.

Racing Ready, like Mark, is open to learning more about other activities outside our daily routine.  I’m sure you share that same passion.


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