Last 2008 Autocross – Sorry If You Missed Out!

Like the 2009 SASCA President-Elect Ricky said (& I paraphrase):

Great autocross weather, only 41 entries & a perfect day.  I bet some guys will be kicking themselves in the butt at what they missed out.

Here’s the course layout worked up by the autocross event master, Ricky:

Today I got a late start, essentially able to attend only the 2nd half of today’s autocross.  That was okay as I was in observation mode, not competing.  This was the last for SASCA this year.  It’ll be about 6 weeks before there is any autocross activity in South/Central Texas.  January 18th is the next scheduled SASCA autocross, I don’t know when the next SPOKES autocross is – probably late January, as well.

The event went by quickly, with so few cars.  Since my camera battery died after just snapping a few pix, I decided to spend my afternoon riding along in fellow competitors cars.  I was able to get ride-alongs in 6 (!) different cars:

  1. 1. Ed’s silver Lotus Elise
  2. 2. Eric’s yellow Corvette
  3. 3. George’s red Toyota MR2
  4. 4. Paul’s beige/gold Subaru WRX 2.5
  5. 5. Stanford’s (actually his Dad’s) blue S2000
  6. 6. Craig’s (Teal Turd) Mazda Miata

I’ve written up 4 of these guys & their cars.  I should be writing up about George’s MR2 (he’s the owner of the “Hopping Hammond”, or “Hamster” fame), and Paul’s WRC within this coming week…

One other area of high interest & change with this event, were the “fun runs”.  After the official event, you were able to buy additional course runs.  If you had already competed, they were only $2.00 apiece.  If you had brought a car &, say you were just visiting, you could get it teched (checked for driving/event safety). You were them charged $5.00 for your first run, & then $2.00 for each subsequent run.  What a great deal!  Lots of guys took repeated advantage of this renewed SASCA autocross feature.  It was a hit!  43 fun runs were run – quite a bunch!

So heads up – if you wannabe racers aren’t willing to do the full autocross event, yet, come visit the last portion of a SASCA autocross & you may be able to run your street car, for cheap & for fun.  You’ll see if this is for you & I’m sure you’ll love it!

Racing Ready is is here to show how much fun car competition can be.  If you weren’t there this time, we hope to see you there in late January 2009!


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