Model Autocross Competitor Keeps It Clean

I saw George, the “Hammond” creator (or the Hamster, as some people call his one-off custom car), at both of the last SPOKES & SASCA autocrosses for this year. He brought his regular competition car, a modified 2000 Toyota MR2, to both of these events.

George has been consistently competitive. He’s modified his little MR2 just enough to make it both competitive & fun within the CSP class (C Street Prepared).

All the competitors know when he’s competing, as the SuperTrapp he uses makes its presence known (just a bit on the raspy side of exhaust sound).  Because of comments & other noise concerns, George has a new muffler on order for next year’s autocross season.

Here’s what he’s modified/upgraded, so far:

  • Camber only changes on the front suspension (within the stock settings)
  • Koni adjustable shocks (front, I think…)
  • Moton shocks (rear, I think…)
  • Quick shift kit
  • Kirkey drag seats
  • AEM cold air intake
  • Front strut brace
  • …and of course, the SuperTrapp

Those aluminum Kirkey seats don’t look too comfortable.  But I can vouch that they are fine.  I did a ride-along in them during this past Sunday’s autocross, and they’re just fine.  But I’m not sure about a long distance drive…

And wow, is his car CLEAN! You can see that on his windshield & 3 years of SPOKES tech inspection stickers on the upper right corner…how do you do it, George?

George is a great guy & friendly with good advice. He epitomizes the attitude of a good autocross citizen. That is true of most all the guys out there. Some may be quieter & more to themselves. Others are way out there. (you know who you are).  😉 But everybody is helpful & cooperative.

Even though this is a “competition”, we’re all there to enjoy our rides. If a “competitor” needs an assist, it is freely giving. Too bad some parts of our society aren’t run like motorsports…

Enough time on my soapbox. Racing Ready is here to promote the motorsports’ spirit of goodwill.


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