Temptations of Driving in Inclement Weather

Last night I was in gleeful anticipation of the morning drive to work.  This distracted my enjoyment of our San Antonio Spurs putting away the Dallas Mavericks in a competitive double-overtime NBA game.  I was in hopeful expectation.  Why?  Outside it was 37 degrees & getting lower, closer to freezing.  You could hear the rain & sleet hitting the windows.

I even got up a little earlier this morning.  This was in anticipation of pre-warming my Nissan to melt away the previously accumulated night ice (I no longer own an ice scraper).  It was all for naught…

It was cold this morning, but pretty much dry.  🙁

You see, having been brought up in the rainy/snowy environment of Upstate New York, I learned & enjoyed driving in inclement weather.  The last time it REALLY snowed in San Antonio was in the Winter of 1983, so I felt I was overdue!

An autocross friend, Craig, says it’s awesome driving at a rainy SASCA autocross at the AT&T Center parking lot.  Coincidentally this is where the Spurs play (interesting how I came full circle).  This guy, below, driving the Bugatti ($$$$$) looks to be doing doughnuts (drifting circles in parking lots).  Now, that’s stupid!

Racing Ready condones inclement weather driving IF you’ve got the experience and you always drive with an out (an alternative escape or back up plan)!


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One thought on “Temptations of Driving in Inclement Weather”

  1. This would be an extremely fun experience to drive in the snow, well preferably in a controlled environment.

    I have a picture of my car covered in snow! I think it snowed here in Austin few years ago on valentines day, 2004.

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