RaceDataAX, iPhone Application for Autocross

RaceDataAX is a new iPhone application, that would be SUPER useful for the autocrosser with an iPhone! This application was developed by a SPOKES member, Robert, out of Austin, TX.  His company is Green Chile Productions.

Here’s a specific quote from Robert:

RaceDataAX is an application specifically designed for collecting, analyzing, and displaying vehicle position and acceleration data of autocross runs.  It collects acceleration and position data using the iPhone’s 3G’s accelerometer and gps device.  It can then show you animated course plots, multi-run overlays, and friction circles (g-g plots) to help you visualize your runs and see where you need to improve.  It is specifically designed to help drivers improve their performance during autocross events.

There is a lot of data about the RaceDataAX at the Green Chile Productions website.  Also, there is a full 10 page RaceDataAX User Guide.  And lastly, you can purchase the product, for only $49.99 at iTunes, following this link.  If this is something of value to you, but you have questions, Robert is ready for your feedback at: support@greenchileproductions.com.

Here’s just one (of many) screenshot to show some of the detail of data gathered.  Also, reading about how to set up your car’s specs, along with GPS is slick!

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  1. I am so with ya there Corey, but I did break down and by my wife an Ipod Touch.. She deserves it, but I winced throughout the whole purchase process…

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