Autocross Camaraderie & Party

I have been an unofficial member of SASCA these past 6 months. Of course, I will actually sign up for 2009.

Interclub camaraderie is great. In the short time that I’ve gotten to know these guys & gals, I can truly say they are good, make that great people.  I would have to say the same is true for the SPOKES folks, but due to the distance to the Austin area, I haven’t been able to attend any of their meetings, lunches, movie get-togethers, etc.

Some my find it strange that people who compete against each other, can also be the best of friends. I’m sure it has something to do with the real competition being against oneself, and then getting positive reinforcement from your peers. Whether that be for compliments OR pity.

Both clubs are putting together plans for the end-of-autocross-year-party. In this case the stars aligned strangely & both clubs will be partying & awarding trophies on the same date on January, the 10th. Oh well – I’ll be committing to the local SASCA party.

One party feature of interest will be a compilation of pictures & videos.  These are being sourced by all interested SASCA members.   They will serve as an interesting background to the festivities.  I’ve been watching the download list grow daily at the SASCA forum.  I forgot to mention, this year’s party will be at a member’s home.  It’ll be BYOB & pot luck style.  I’m getting hungry & thirsty, already!

Racing Ready heartily recommends hanging out with like-minded friends to enjoy each others company.


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