Capturing Amateur Motorsports’ Best

This afternoon, I spent some quality time with Truong, with Flocasts.  In fact, we talked for about an hour and 1/2!. He is beginning to work in cooperation with Steven, the owner of the 350Z I posted about recently.

On that posting Truong left this comment:

I was referred to your blog by Steven, cool write up on him!

I’m the web tech guy that will be supporting Steven next year as he travels the nation.  Would love to meet with you sometime and discuss our shared vision!

Truong & I coordinated back & forth by e-mail & this afternoon’s meeting of minds was the result!  This next year Steven will be competing in various autocross events.  Initially he will be autocrossing throughout Central Texas, then eventually across the country.  Steven will be competing, interviewing, capturing video, soliciting local contributors & so on.  He will be a very busy body on these weekends!

Truong will be coding, coordinating and helping to drive the flow of all this content to be posted – on a weekly basis.  Racing Ready might somehow be involved as a part of this process – we shall see.  More discussions to follow…

One point that Truong stressed is that they want to capture information and inspiration from the greatest minds within the autocross discipline.

Racing Ready is excited in the prospect of this motorsports exposure initiative.  In the next few weeks we plan on talking in further detail.  This will be exciting!


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