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Like most of motorsports, there are currently few related activities that I can attend.  I will continue to provide content just about daily.  I will probably more consistently take a day off on the weekends.

If you miss fresh content, there’s over 185 posts to search through, here!  See that little innocent Search Box at the top right?  Type in any singe word or phrase you think might be here.  You might be surprised.  I know I use that search box a couple of times a week, and I find stuff I forgot I wrote & wonder what cloud I was on when I wrote it.  Yes, I surprise myself at some of my past blogging… 🙂

So, stay tuned to Racing Ready as we hunker down for the quiet part of the season & anticipate what will be upcoming during the next season.


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One thought on “Search Racing Ready For Motorsports Activities”

  1. Its interesting you mention the search tool. I think search is useful when I actually know what I want to look for, say a given topic or even to pull up previous posts that I’ve read before in the past.

    But if I’m just hitting the site first time, I think a quick link to recent posts (like you already have) or featured posts would be useful.

    But, its a nice reminder that little search thing at the top is there if you need.

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