Nashville Autocross, Corey’s New Obsession

Last week I was Google searching something about autocross, and I came across this interesting blog entry,  Corey is a younger guy, and recently became a dad.  I completely empathize that he wants his new daughter to appreciate all things racing, and he’s getting back into it himself!

Apparently, his local SCCA group (Tennessee Region SCCA) has got this awesome “hookup” with somebody at the Nashville SuperSpeedway.  Really blows away those of us who have to craft a new course out of a flat parking lot…

As a teaser about getting into autocross, here’s some of what Corey blogged:

So I finally got the WRX out for some autocross this past weekend and had an absolute blast…. intoxicating is the best word to describe how it made me feel. I’m still speed drunk and find it difficult to concentrate on anything but analyzing my runs over and over in my head thinking of the mistakes I made and the improvements I should make.

You can review his pictures & watch his videos to enjoy the variety, fun & the length of the autocross they put up out there.  Click the video to watch his third run:

Also, the facilities they have use of are simply great – check out the garage/pit area!

The autocross courses we set up here in South/Central Texas are in the 50 to 60 second range.  This course at the Nashville SuperSpeedway is about 2 minutes – awesome legth of concentration time!

Good stuff, if you ask me!  You other guys out there who have access to a local track, I hope you’ve been able to work out a cooperative connection with them.  If not, what are you waiting for???  These guys at Tennessee Region SCCA have set the bar.

Racing Ready wants to learn more about regional variations of autocross venues.  Go ahead & comment about what (& where) your local club does its autocrossing!


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