Just Be Ready – A Better Perspective

Just Be Ready!

Whether it be motorsports or otherwise – it’s best to be ready, or to go ahead with the attitude that you are ready.  Face your racing events, or just good old regular daily life, being ready.

This afternoon, while I was doing my part-time, Saturday limo gig, I was listening to some good MP3’s I had downloaded.  Essentially, I got inspired.  It is said the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing & expect different results.

Well, I’ve been providing steady content on this blog & it (& I) have plateaued, and it’s driving me a little crazy.  I have to change some things to get it (& me) to the next level – to get better results (more traffic & hits is where I’m aiming).

Here’s a great, appropriate video I just found: Two Minutes of Inspiration

You can still expect consistent content, different images & my opinion on it all.  But I expect that more will be forthcoming…

It’s time for Racing Ready to get a head start on the New Year!


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