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Today, a cold, gray winter day in San Antonio had a bright spot.  I was honored to be accepted by 2 local NASA road racers of Cutting Edge Racing in their shop.

These guys, Ryan & Brady are great!

While there, this afternoon, we talked some & I actually was able to help out.  They said that, because I was there, they were inspired to wash off two of their cars (of 3), and start to fix up their reduced lighting situation.  I assisted with pushing around a couple of their race cars & helped to install a number of fluorescent ceiling fixtures.  They were able to make some good progress in straightening up the place.  They were able to get back into the swing of things & make their shop a place to be able to see what they were doing & to get ready to work starting next year.

Both Ryan & Brady are  both NASA (National Auto Sport Association) instructors, and last year Ryan was tasked to become a Chief Instructor for NASA.   This additional responsibility has him coordinating that all events & track facilities have sufficient coverage of Drivers Education instructors.

Of the 3 race cars currently in the shop, two are Brady’s & one is Ryan’s.

Brady has a Corvette Z06 (#32), a ST-1 car with NASA.  Last year he had some cooling issues that hampered its performance & ability to consistently race.  That’s his current challenge to overcome.

After cleaning it off, he started it & let it warm up some.  I think I lost some of my hearing capability, but gee, did it sound SWEET!

Because of last year’s inconsistent reliability issues with his ‘Vette, Brady got a hold of a silver, John Phillips tuned Mazda Spec Miata.  He had fun with that last year.  He said racing that Miata helped keep his road racing skills finely honed.  It looked like an enjoyable ride.

Ryan’s car, is a Factory Five Racing Roadster (#27, it looks like a Cobra!), also a NASA ST-1 car.  It’s currently in a rebuild/project state.  The engine & transmission are out, with the engine being rebuilt to be more reliable, as well as powerful.

Ryan has been able to tap into the resources where he works, Southwest Research Institute – look at the wing he was able to develop there…!

Of the things we discussed were expenses.  Apparently, road racing takes a heavy wallet toll on tires.  Besides the initial cost of preparing your race car, you need to fund entry fees (up to $300 per event) & multiple sets of tires.  One has to have a consistent financial source to race.  Ryan said sponsorship at this level of racing is nil.  You might be able to get free product for the “cost” of putting the sponsor’s logo/name on your car, as well as occasionally bringing the car to the sponsor’s business to co-promote.  Or, you can get contingency sponsorship – e.g., you place well in an event & you’ll earn some tires.

BTW, Ryan does logo design & vinyl cutting services…

Before I left I admired Ryan’s daily driver, another Miata. 🙂 This is basically still street legal & he offered to let me take it out for a spin.

It has a Jackson supercharger, ABS brakes, a Hard Dog roll bar & the Spec Miata suspension set up.  Wow, it was scary fast & the steering was super direct!!!  You had to be careful of the average street bumps & chuck holes.  Ryan said that it is a LOT of fun out on the track.  I’m sure that it IS!

Racing Ready is encouraged to learn more about road racing.  This is an area this blog needs more of.  I plan to be in further contact with Cutting Edge Racing.

Thanks guys ! ! !


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