24 Hours of LeMons – Preparations at H2R

A week ago Sunday, 12/14/2008, after I visited with Truong in New Braunfels, I decided to go visit the folks at H2R (Harris Hill Road).  I was only 15 minutes away, so I felt it would be worth my while.  It turns out that it WAS good that I visited.

I met up with Eric Beverding and caught up with what’s been going on at H2R.  I really enjoy the laid back atmosphere in the clubhouse, and garage at their location…  While I was nosing around, Eric mentioned that Harris Hill Road will shut down the weekend of February 27-March 1, 2009.  Why?  To participate in the 24 Hours of LeMons in Houston, TX!

H2R will field 2 cars: one being built by the shop, the other by Bo, the owner.

The shop personal is working with this 1982 Toyota Corolla.  The basic cost rules are that the car & what you put into it are limited to $500.  The exception is that safety-related gear cost is unlimited – things like tires, roll cage, brakes, etc.

The car isn’t much to look at (that’s okay), but the engine was already in good, rebuilt shape when they bought it.

Bo is going to enter this early 1970’s VW Fastback.

When I asked about where the boxer VW engine was, one of the guys said he’s going to put it into a dune buggy.  Eric said Bo is considering, maybe, a motorcycle engine, but that could change…  We’ll just have to wait & see.

Racing Ready notes it takes all sorts of motorsports events to appeal to everyone.


Tomorrow you’ll read about some additional vehicles in the H2R stable (garage).

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