2004 Honda S2000 – Carbon Fiber Coverage

Truong, the autocross enthusiast will be promoting Steven’s cross-country autocross campaign next year.  After meeting with him about 12 days ago, we stepped outside to admire his daily driver, a 2004 Honda S2000 (the AP2 model).

Prior to this sweet Honda ownership, Truong was an Acura Integra owner.  He enjoys these wheels much more!  Besides enjoying it daily, he has autocrossed it enough times to know he enjoys the sport & admires those who do well.  With the exception of the carbon fiber hood, Truong has done little to go beyond a stock S2000.  These are the simple, “non-threatening” to stock upgrades he has done:

  • HKS cat back exhaust
  • Works wheels
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE 050 tires

  • the engine is completely stock!
  • …and the carbon fiber hood

With the exception of the hood, these upgrades are still within the realm of the stock SCCA autocross classification.  The hood modification is not considered stock, but the clubs he competes with let him get by in the stock class.  But they always ask, “Hmmm, so what’s under the hood?”, and he has to explain that nothing is beyond stock under there…

And here’s an action shot of Truong when he was bored one day.  He drove around Austin with the top down with his helmet on.  He says he sure got some very funny looks from other drivers.  They, like me, must have been wondering,

“That’s strange, what’s this guy gonna do?”

Racing Ready, too, has nothing to hide.  This blog is to inform, entertain & provide a reference for you racers, with motorsports product to promote upgrading your cars & yourselves.  All of these things are not yet in place (I know).  It’s an ongoing work in progress.  Again, I thank you for your consistent & faithful reading, and especially your patience…

See you out there!


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