RASR – Racers Against Street Racing

Reviewing different groups in Facebook, recently, I came across RASR.  Racers Against Street Racing is a legitimately concerned group of individuals & corporations who want to get illegal street racers into safe, legal forms of racing.  Like they say, if you want to race, go to a racetrack.  Their initial focus is on drag racing, but the site says they plan to broaden it to other forms of racing.

A couple of months ago, Jeremi (of Chevy S-10 truck autocrossing fame) suggested I appeal to kids who street race, to get them involved in autocross.  Apparently, he knew of some individuals that could benefit from enjoying autocross like he does now.  Specifically, Jeremi said, this autocrossing thing is so much more fun than street racing, and it’s a legal, controlled fun environment.

So, when I saw this initative’s website, I thought it would be appropriate to post here.  Here’s a quote, directly from the RASR website:


The goal of RASR is to provide a professional controlled environment in which today’s sport compact enthusiasts can participate in automotive-related events throughout the United States. RASR’s initial focus is on drag racing and will expand to other forms of racing in the future.

Want to get involved? Start with not street racing…then tell your friends not to street race… and when challenged, take it to a sanctioned track.

The benefits? You live, others live, your car doesn’t get impounded, you don’t get arrested and fingerprinted and… the best of all… A TIME SLIP DOESN’T LIE!

RASR is managed by the SPC (Street Performance Council), a council of the organization that puts on the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) trade show every year.  That event is automotive aftermarket nirvana, but you can only attend if you’re in the trade, i.e., not open to the public.  🙁

Racing Ready supports legal racing, drag or otherwise, to put an end to illegal & dangerous street racing.  Encourage those individuals you know to get involved in your local club & get off the street!


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