Dedicated Honda S2000 Club Racer

A couple of weeks ago I met Roger.  He is Member #10 at H2R.  I had seen him out on the 1.8 mile track and after he came in, I asked him about his car.  I’m glad I did as I didn’t really know about this version of the 2008 Honda S2000, the CR.

It’s a purpose-specific car – CR stands for Club Racer.  For South/Central Texas you have to be extra dedicated to own this car.  Besides the lack of a radio, there’s no A/C.  You don’t need that in a race car, anyway.  For Roger it’s only about 50 miles away from his home in the Austin area, to be able to his laps at speed at H2R.

This is actually his second S2000.  For this CR version, he traded his Porsche Caymen.  Of note is the special color, called Apex Blue.  It is exclusive to this Club Racer version.  He has done no performance upgrades, adding only a Traqmate, a GPS-based timing/performance recording system & device, and replaced the brake lines with braided stainless steel ones by Goodridge.

As to consumables, at just over 10K miles, he’s consistently changed the oil, and he’s on his fourth (!) of set disc brake rotors.  No, I don’t mean pads, but the rotors themselves.  After going through 2 sets of the factory disks, he found & is using the DBA brand of rotors.  Yes, he is on his second set of the DBAs, but he says they are much better in longevity and a direct OEM replacement.

Racing Ready admires individuals who have both the wherewithal & the commitment to dedicate their free time (& money) to serious laps at speed.  It was just recently that Roger was able to get into 1’30” range of lap times at H2R.  That’s an excellent time for a car that can still be driven daily.

I also admire the commitment of Bo Rivers & Eric Beverding of Harris Hill Road, they have an excellent program for weekend racers such as Roger!


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