Racing Ready To The Last Of 2008 – A Review

Time marches on to next year.  For some it’s too fast, for others, not fast enough.  Personally, I think it’s been just fine…

Here’s an interestingly brief review, filtered through the eyes of Racing Ready:
Enjoy the links to review the variety & what’s in my blog!

  • June 8th, the birth of Racing Ready & the Pearsall Solo Divisional
  • Becoming a respected reporting source for local autocross club activities, with SASCA & SPOKES
  • Learning about & starting to promote the GC-Lock, one of the most cost-effective & simple improvements you can add to your car – it WILL improve your driving performance! [Go to their website, put in Coupon Code: racingready – You’ll save $5.00!]
  • Learning and informing others about the sport of karting at Alamo Karts
  • A slow, but incrementally consistent increase in site visitor traffic
  • Finding a relatively close regional road race circuit at Harris Hill Road (H2R), with great owners & personnel, and programmed road racing activities
  • This blog’s Bookstore Page/Portal (it’s
  • October 19th, I first autocrossed the ‘Big White Whale’, my daily driver (with a first run video!)
  • This blog’s Products Page, with personal testimonial information
  • The passing of 2 racing greats: Phil Hill, followed by Paul Newman
  • Learning of local NASA road racers & starting to get involved in their preparations for next year’s racing season
  • And so much more…

In addition, I know you’ve enjoyed the many images of cars & their owners I have posted.  By far, this image below of SPOKES club member David (aka “Gramps”) & his daughter Miriam, is my favorite.  It so very well expresses the spirit of encouragement between them, inspiring improvement upon successive autocross runs.

Racing Ready wants you to take up this same spirit as we close out 2008 & have that momentum push you to new, higher plateaus, racing or otherwise, for the next year!


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  1. wonder how many people knew it was a Air Quality Red day, unlhteahy, with high ozone levels. I love trail running and the running community, so its not that I’m trying to drive a dagger into anybody’s heart but when things are really bad, your health is worth a second thought. peace.

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