Honda S2000 Racing Ready Review

Racing Ready showcases many different vehicles of amateur racers.  In supporting this motorsports enthusiasts blog, I have met many Honda S2000’s & their owners.  Here are 2 that I featured recently:

Here are other posts where I’ve reviewed S2000’s – go ahead & click through them!

The Honda S2000 is an influential car.  Sondra  Sondregger (co-founder & South Central Regional Director of the S2KCA ) is an influential force in the S2000 enthusiast community.  I have enjoyed watching her autocross with SPOKES & SASCA, and pushing her S2000 & herself to the high speed limits one enjoys at Harris Hill Road (H2R).  This summer she coordinated a S2000 club event at H2R, walking around, megaphone in hand, huge floppy brimmed hat undulating in the breeze.

Not only is Sondra friendly and helpful, she’s got an interesting sense of humor.  This sticker (& her unique vanity plate) are on the back of her Honda S2000.

Racing Ready will be publishing a number of car model specific, 2008 blog review posts here .  They will be concise overviews, like this one – helpful for the existing reader & the new visitor alike.

See you out there & enjoy!


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  1. Hello, Dan, I enjoyed visiting your site! I dropped in after being invited by your daughter “KA”. I am not a racer but have enjoyed it a bit in the long past. Best wishes and a Happy New Year! Steve

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