Happy Racing Ready New Year 2009

With the 2009 New Year, it’s a fresh horizon ahead, and we’re flying beyond it!

As with the dawning of every New Year, there’s new hope for better times.  A year ago, Racing Ready did not exist, not even the nurturing seed of an idea.  Well, look at this blog now!

It’s been an interesting almost 7 months, so far, this being posting #204!

In the comment section below, tell us what you’re planning on doing to get yourself Racing Ready this New Year…maybe a click on the Books & DVDs or Products pages will inspire you!



P.S. – 01/02/2009: Sorry, I thought I had published this yesterday…
… so again, Happy New Year, although somewhat belated (blush).

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3 thoughts on “Happy Racing Ready New Year 2009”

  1. Mitzi I can answer this beascue my family lives down there! You are outside of my color planting schedule by about a month. The trick is, Las Vegas gets so hot in the summer, but you can grow almost all winter long. My book is really for a spring-summer-fall planting schedule. The dates I offer might work for you and others who live in warmer climates, but really have a spring-summer and a fall-winter season. I am very aware of your needs, and it’s on my list of things to research and write about. But honestly, I can’t speak from experience, only from my research. I encourage you to contact your local extension service (www.extension.org) for a recommended planting schedule.

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