Cold Motorsport Weekend Activity

Even in South/Central Texas, we shut down most local amateur motorsports activities during the winter months. It makes for a challenge to submit compelling blog posts at Racing Ready. Besides year end parties, what functions (group or individual) does one participate in to constructively while the time away?

One idea I’ve seen out there (especially by my Canadian buddies at the forum) is active participation in – Motor Simulations.

What do you think?

My local autocross club had a great idea – the SASCA 2009 Annual Tech Inspection, Cruise & Burgers.  We met up met up this morning at a predetermined place, took a nice & fun 45 minute Hill Country drive.

Then we pulled into a good, local country burger joint.  Before enjoying some juicy burgers, we learned how to self tech (but it was TOO cold to actually do), reviewing the getting tech’d requirements in preparation for autocross events throughout this year.  Click here for the event & route details – that Highway 37 was AWESOME!

Racing Ready realizes you can safely take your motorsports passion to the street, when you are with a like-minded group.


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