Autocross Candid Humor

After yesterday’s fun Hill Country cruise & learning the basics about technically inspecting your car for autocross, we warmed up eating yummy burgers.  Craig, the SASCA Tech Inspector Chair, arranged & organized this event – all worked out well.  He also took many pictures.  He challenged me to post a candid he took of me, on my blog, devouring my burger…so Craig, here it is:

Equal time is fair play – here is Craig’s picture explaining something of consequence, before the cruise, to the new SASCA Club President, Ricky:

In addition, here are,  some optional captions that members of the SASCA forum posted.  See which one fits & see if you can top these in your Comments below…

  • “My Miata uses GoKart tires this big!”
  • “I’m telling you, that cone jumped this far in front of me all by itself!”
  • “I raced a Veyron yesterday and only lost by this much!!”
  • “If my foot wasn’t this frickin’ wide, I might be able to heel/toe in my Miata!”
  • “And then, when the biggest fish I caught in the 3-day tournament was this long, I knew it was time to give up my dream of being a professional deep-sea fisherman and try out autocrossing.”
  • “I swear, Ricky, the last gate on the autocross course you designed in December was THIS frigging wide!”
  • As Craig is explaining…Ricky’s thinking, “I’ll string him along for another year as Technical Chair…ya riiight!”

Racing Ready is willing to be the subject of oddball shots, as well as have a sense of humor with others…


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3 thoughts on “Autocross Candid Humor”

  1. Dan, it’s nice to finally put a face to the guy who goes through all the effort to write this blog! Maybe people will come up to you and introduce themselves when they see you at various South Texas motorsports events.

    This blog is really giving great press and exposure to local clubs and venues – in a personal and non commercial way.

    Buy American!

  2. (cont’d)

    And you’ve hit on a big point. Even though we are primarily car guys and gals, having some laughs and burgers is just as important as smoking tires!

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