Avoid The Motorsports Off Season Blues

I’m still trying to figure out this “social networking” thing.  I’ve become a lurking member at a number of these groups, trying to see how they work & keep an open mind about this phenomena.

One network that has professional potential & that I’m taking seriously is LinkedIn.  In that network I’m now in the group named Motor Racing, among others.

To stir up the waters & see what ticked in this group, I posted this question:

How do you avoid the Off Season Blues?

Here are some answers from this well-informed group of LinkedIn members:

  • Generally watch repeats of some of my favourite race’s, plan funds for 2009 and update web site’s and news. Josh spends more time on Forza!!!
    Testing starts again mid January so we can’t wait for that..roll on 2009
  • Oh boy, do I have the off season blues! During the season, I get together with my sister, her kids, my brother, my sister-in-law, their boy, and my boy. We watch the race together every Sunday. Off season – none of us know what the hell to do with ourselves on Sundays!
  • We have a couple of Lexus cars that we will run in World Challenge and/or Koni for 09, so for us there really is no such thing as an “off season”. We are busy searching for funded drivers and business partners, preparing for 2009 and seeing what we can cut out of the budget to make our “racer math” make it all make sense!!!
    We did take most of this past week off since most of the real world were off as well…
  • One of the reasons i started my community, Drivelikeagirl.com is to stay connected to racing topics, racing fans, etc during the off season. It makes the time go by faster and more enjoyably 🙂
  • I’m with Ken! What is an “off season”? We are constantly searching for funding for our drivers and developing more attractive sponsor programs. The “holiday hours” of most businesses just gives me time to tie up some of the loose ends that can fall by the wayside.
  • Rebuilding the engine keeps my hands from getting soft, and CIR ( www.chicagoindoorracing.com ) keeps my brain from getting soft… and of course I’m always shopping for parts!!!
  • Indoor karting keeps me sharp in the off-season. There are a variety of higher end places to visit across the country.
  • I’m fortunate enough to have enough +55 deg weather days that I still get to ride my motocross bike 2-3 times a month, and when I’m not being lazy I take one of my bicycles out for a ride. There really isn’t an off season in Austin if your an addict like me.. 
  • In the UK they used to run the Winter Warmer series in December and January to keep everyone acclimatized to standing in the cold and rain while watching racing cars battle it out on a track. I make do by reading or watching reviews of the past season and preparing for the next.
  • Well just racing in the dutch winterendurance series! and working on new season with new drivers for our series, preparing their cars and searching sponsors and building the relation with current ones.
  • Keeping in touch with several team owners and journalists to keep track of who goes where for the coming season in most big international championships.

You can tell from the tone of most of these answers that these people are seriously into racing as a profession, and not as a hobby.  I appreciate these folks opening up a little bit of their world to me.

Racing Ready is starting to get seriously involved in the racing community, and wants to share it with you!


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