Getting Involved in Amateur Club Racing

Autocross competition is great, but there are other levels of amateur racing that I’d like to get involved in & also share with you.  A couple of weeks ago I spent a Sunday afternoon lightly assisting & getting to know the guys at Cutting Edge Racing (CER) in their shop.  Annually they plan to participate in 6 NASA & SCCA sanctioned track events.



The next upcoming NASA (National Auto Sport Association) event is Jan. 31-Feb.1, at MSR Houston  (Motorsports Ranch Houston).  CER provided me with a standing invitation to help them in their shop.  I am pursuing that.  I also want to assist them as a volunteer on that weekend as some sort of pit crew.  In this way I can offer whatever general mechanical or other assistance needed.  I’ll be happy to provide the help an additional set of hands can do.



This race weekend event will give me further insight, to learn better what NASA racing weekend events are like & to verify that this is a direction I would like to pursue.



Last fall, at the November CBR PCM (Coastal Bend Region Porsche Club of America) event at H2R (Harris Hill Road), I got to know some of the participants from Corpus Christi, TX.  They are planning on attending this NASA event & strongly suggested I attend, as well.


I will keep you posted as to my progress in assimilating into this club racing community.  I am pushing to further broaden the scope of access & understanding of this Racing Ready community!



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