SASCA Autocross Party Awards

Last night was the year end SASCA party.  There was great food, plenty of drink, and 3 laptops highlighting event videos and pictures from the past year.

After everyone had eaten, last year’s president, Richard, handed out awards.

Also, among these awards was a gag trophy, intellectually crafted by Craig, and awarded to Stanford, who came all the way down from Austin, TX.

This award was a strangely interesting compilation of a disk brake rotor base, a mostly expended fire extinguisher, an “inscribed” paper plate, some sundry Miata parts, a clever balancing mobile art piece at the top consisting of a scored weed whacker piston, some spark distribution part & topped by a little Miata toy car – good work Craig!

The award below, the SASCA 2008 John C. Cooper Jr. Worker of the Year, was presented to Les Thompson.  Although not a member, Les completed a significant amount of official paperwork to incorporate SASCA Inc.  It was a job long overdue & done very well – thanks Les!

Before I left, I went upstairs to check out the Gran Turismo 5 video game set up that Jay had put together.  He had taken a laid back IKEA chair, with a clamped on “dashboard” which held the gaming/steering console.  On the floor were the foot pedals braced in place.  In these shots Richard was on the Suzuka racing circuit.

Very slick setup…all in the pursuit of becoming Racing Ready….


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