Learn Car Skid Control Doing Donuts

I spent my youth through college, up North, where it snowed in the wintertime.  It helped me to gain some appreciation for snow/ice driving, learning to “drive the edge” of control, without losing it.  Well, in Texas the last time it snowed any substantial amount in San Antonio was in 1985.  That was back in the mostly rear wheel drive days.

So, doing donuts in the parking lot was always a fun after school activity.  Check out this Chevy Camero doing some mild donuts.  It’s even more fun doing it in a bigger parking lot.  Click on the image below to experience a northern winter tradition.

This is not an activity that we can all enjoy, in different parts of the country, at different times of the year.  Racing Ready found another method somebody has come up with to do this on demand.

I will post about this tomorrow – stay tuned!


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