Experimental Skid Control Prototype

Yesterday, I discussed about doing donuts in the snow – for both fun and learning car skid control.  This was from my high school & college days… Fast forward to today.  Quite a few cars, if not the majority, are front wheel drive.  Also, it doesn’t snow in all parts of the country, all year long.

Last month I saw an all-season prototype, put together by Corey, for a great driving control learning tool.

The following 3 items were used:

  • a front wheel drive car
  • a flat, dry parking lot
  • and 2 car wheel dollies

With these, you too can learn what it’s like to do “donuts” in the parking lot after a fresh snowfall.  This is what this Corey did.  He was bored one day & decided to put some motorsports enthusiasts’ garage materials to alternative use.  He jacked up the rear of his older Nissan Maxima & set a car dolly under each rear wheel.  Then he got behind the wheel & then just had some fun.  Check out the short video below (give it a moment to load…):

httpv://racingready.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/2008-12-14 skid control.mov

The advantages of using this technique are as follows:

  • speeds are low
  • no rubber is “peeled off” the tires
  • you can do this any time of the year when you have a clear day without snow (and that’s pretty much most of the time in South/Central Texas…

This is definitely a low-speed activity, one need be careful and have plenty of “roll-around” space, on a level surface.

When I saw this I was inspired to write about yesterday’s blog entry.  It reminded me of doing donuts in snow covered parking lots, during my high school/college years.  Racing Ready enjoys revisiting fun driving experiences from younger times!


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