Motorsport Ranch – An Overview Teaser

The racing country club model is phenomenon that is slowly growing across the country.  I have seen it in articles & ads while reading through AutoWeek, and I also got an e-mail from them directly, recently.

The MotorSport Ranch is in Cresson, TX, just southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area.  They opened in June 1999 and have been steadily growing ever since.  This is one of the tracks that the Cutting Edge Racing Team races at in NASA events.

MotorSport Ranch consists of 2 connectible 1.7 & 1.3 mile road courses.  These courses have many  turns and elevation  changes?  They say it’s a place to find the limits of your daily driver sports car or race car….  or your own limits…  or both….

Below is a GoogleMap of the 1.7 mile track; the 1.3 mile track is to the left/west.

They had a lot to say in the e-mail – let me paraphrase the content briefly via a bulleted list.

There’s a lot more, but I just wanted to whet your appetite.  The only problem, is, their website is having problems & it could put some malware on your PC.  Therefore, I won’t post their direct link here, for now.  There is a good overview of MotorSport Ranch at Trackpedia that is very informative (& not infected).

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