Starting 2009 Autocross Season

Today was a beautiful day for an autocross.  In fact, it was the first 2009 season autocross for SASCA.  I saw many people I now already know.  There were a good number of new faces, as well, some new cars.

The first competitor I talked to was regular Corvette participant,  Jay.  He said that unfortunately his ‘Vette had a check engine light showing, so he had to take it to the dealer last week.  Today he was in a loaner, a 2008 Cadillac CTS.  He was holding his own very well in the D Stock class, and having a good time as well.

Many were surprised that the Cadillac was doing so well.  It reminds me of the same surprise track event participants had of the 2004 Cadillac CTS-V at H2R, last fall.

Just because you want to perform well & place well in you class – that doesn’t mean you need suffer behind the wheel.  Check out the Cadillac control center, er, driving position.  Very nice.

More about this autocross & its participants… later in the week.

Racing Ready is getting back into the swing of things with today’s start of the autocross season, here in South/Central Texas.


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