Racing To Organize My Motorsport’s Agenda

It’s already the third week of this New Year & I’m starting to get some racing industry activities scheduled.  Already the first 2009 autocross has taken place & there will be another SASCA autocross (#2) on February 1, 2008.  I’m excited about the Simpson visit I had last week, with some more additional details to still share.

Please know that I am working to get this blog to be seen, exposed to & read by more people.  As a regular reader, if you feel someone could benefit from some aspect of these mostly daily entries, please be proud to share this…just ask them to visit  Thanks!

This blog’s hosting service seems back to normal performance & my main home working PC has been “de-loused” of viruses & spyware (that was NO picnic to fix!).  With those issues out of the way I’ll need to do some catch up and clean up.  On the home front I was able to organize my collection of blog notes & a variety of downloaded data.  I found things I wasn’t sure where they were before that will be needed for reference here in the future.

It’s a real winter in other parts of the country, but that doesn’t seem to quell this event’s racing enthusiasm – just thought this would be a fun image to view…& inspire!

Racing Ready, too, is slip sliding forward, racing to get into this New Year!


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