Simpson World HQ Visit & Tour, Part 3

We continue the Simpson plant tour from yesterday’s entry

An additional & important part of helmet fabrication is testing & Snell certification.  The Snell Memorial Foundation is the entity that has continually set the ever increasing helmet safety standards.  They are reviewed & upgraded every 5 years.  The current standard is from year 2005.  For motorcycles the standard (& the sticker inside the helmet) is M2005; for automobile & other motorsport applications the certification (& sticker) is SA2005 (which stands for Special Application).

I spoke with Shane Creswell, the Simpson Helmet Engineer.  He is the person responsible for the proper testing and certification of Simpson’s full helmet line.  We briefly talked about the 2010 Snell certifications.  The M2010 helmets will be allowed to be sold as of October 2009.  On the other hand, the industry requested more time for SA2010 testing and certification.  Snell has granted a delay for SA2010 helmets to be available to be sold as of October 2010.

Shane has a wonderful device (too small to called a gadget) for measured helmet testing. This impact test device is called a Twin Wire Drop System.  It is computer controlled for consistency of testing & proper storage of test data results.  Many more details about this device & Snell certification test can be read about here. This is the vertical pan shot I took (good thing their roof was high enough – click image to see it bigger).

Here’s closeup of the business portion of this device:

That was the finishing point of the helmet tour.

Jaime showed me his office.  He had an awesome collection of racing memorabilia, especially of vintage drag racing pictures & autographs.  Nice collection, Jaime!  As always, click to enlarge…

As Sales Manager, Tina Creswell gets the job done – as witnessed to on this picture testimonial on her wall!

One little known area of the Simpson Performance Products facility is their Company Store.  Tina explained they do get some business there.  But she would like to see it become better know in the local/regional racing community.  They have most of their helmet, shoe & glove line on display.  Also represented are some of their more popular clothing items.

Again I encourage you . . . if you’re not anywhere within the South/Central Texas area (& even if you are), go ahead & request their FREE catalog here!

The issue seems to be that people in the area don’t know about the store, let alone the free plant tour.  Just call Tina toll free, #1-800-654-RACE (7223); simply call ahead a few days before to coordinate with her & Jaime.  You’ll appreciate the tour.

Racing Ready hopes you, too, have the opportunity to actually visit the Simpson facility.  In this way you’ll truly be able to admire their product craftsmanship & the pride they take in making a quality racing safety performance products.  I’m sure I’ll be writing more about Simpson, here, in the future.  Till then, safe racing!


P.S. – To begin this tour, please go back to Part 1 of the Simpson World HQ Visit & Tour!

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