Amateur Motorsports Overseas

There’s a loyal following of motorsports in Europe, but I’ve never pursued or investigated it.  Besides the local Europeans, I’m sure the variety of U. S. Armed Services personnel, at the various bases in Europe are avid motorsports fans.  As to amateur participants, there seems to be no lack, but methods & event titles differ.

Europe defines the term autocross very differently, and sanctioned by the FIA with a European Championship series.  As per Wikipedia: “Autocross is car racing on a race track with an unpaved surface (dirt, gravel or soil).” This is a group event with cars starting at the same time (not one at a time like the US autocrosses I’ve been covering).

In the UK, their version of autocross more resembles the US version, but it is done on a grassy and/or other unimproved, non-paved surface.  Cars go out on course one at a time.  Is is sanctioned by the RACMSA (Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association, usually called the MSA),  In the US we call this RallyCross.

In Australia & New Zealand their version of autocross, run much like the US version, is called Motorkhana.

I thought this would be a relatively easy topic to research & write, here – I was wrong!  There’s much more & many differences that I wasn’t aware of.  At least we’ve both been exposed to some of the worldwide autocross differences.  But more important, it seems that wherever in the world you have cars, people want to flog them competitively.

Racing Ready can definitely understand & support that!


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