10th Anniversary Miata Makes Good

Diane brought her 1999 Mazda Miata, 10th Anniversary Edition to last weekend’s SASCA autocross.  This car’s engine has been recently rebuilt, with 138K miles on it.

Most of this car is still stock.  This is what she & her husband have done to it & plan to do in the future:

She said this is her 5th autocross season after taking a couple of years off for kids…

Diane currently has the stock, polished chrome wheels on her Miata, but she does have an upgraded tire/wheel combination, ready to go.

I’m not shy to say that I lust after this edition of the Mazda Miata.

This is a limited edition model, with only 7500 built worldwide (3000 for the USA marketplace).  It was sold only in Sapphire Blue Mica, with the blue suede-like seat highlights.  You can see that Diane’s is model serial #1407.  How cool is that!

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