Purposeful (No More Porpoiseful) S-10 Progress

At the 1/18/2009 SASCA autocross, Jeremi (of Chevy S-10 truck autocross fame), started the season with further improvements.

This time round, he had done some more work on his truck’s front suspension.  Going into this event he knew he was going to do better in the control of his truck’s handling (no more porpoising!).  Jeremi had lowered the suspension and installed polyurethane bushings.   He felt the truck’s road manners to be much better at this event, as this vehicle is also his daily driver.

The next issue he’ going to have to deal with is anti-roll bar stiffness.  Now that the front end is lower & stiffer, the back inside tire wants to lift going around corners.  During his lunch break he worked on removing a number of shims from the front suspension.  This was to adjust the amount of camber, to lower the roll center & center of gravity.

Jeremi’s father Mark (who autocrossed his Chevy El Camino stock car last year) knows a lot about suspension geometry.  He’s garnered a lot of that knowledge at the stock car track, mostly at Thunderhill Raceway.  He mentioned he has learned very much from attending suspension sessions taught by Nick Holt of Texas Speed Zone.

Mark also mentioned he planted the racing bug early in Jeremi.  He had son already racing karts at 5 & 1/2 years old!

Racing Ready appreciates getting started early.  But even getting started late is better than not starting at all.  So, get out there!


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  1. hey love to hear from you about your addon to your s-10. I ‘m restoring an 82 long bed and your set up is really interesting hope to hear form oyu soon richard

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