An Autocross Video Experiment

I met Will a few months ago at Alamo Cycle-Plex, a great motorcycle store where he works.  At the time I was looking to find a product that would freshen the interior of the used helmet I had just purchased.  He did a great job selling me on the benefits of Motorex Helmet Care Spray.

After the sale I suggested to Will, and his co-worker Dario, that they come by & check out the SASCA autocross events.  The 1/18/2009 SASCA autocross was their first event.  It was good to see them there & I was glad that I had recommend that they attend.  They made quite an impression with the 2 pop-up awnings – many people thought they were part of some corporate presence.

Will was competing with his stock, 1987 BMW 325i.  His odometer had stopped some years back – he knows it has at least 140K miles on it.

On of the fun new items Will was working with was the Go Pro Motorsports Hero Wide (an onboard video camera – many good demo videos at that link).  Alamo Cycle-Plex sells these, & they were checking out the new wide angle lens model.  Will noted it gives you a better sense of the where the cones are as you traverse the autocross course.

From the comments below, Will provided his Hero Wide autocross footage you can experience – coolness!

These are very popular – I have seen them on many competitors cars since last year, and not just on autocross competitors.  One of the things that everyone always comments on is the absolute rock solid stability of the camera mount.  There is NO vibration, whatsoever!

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4 thoughts on “An Autocross Video Experiment”

  1. Hey Will,

    Swade blogs awesomely about Saabs from Tasmania, Australia!

    Thanks SO MUCH for posting your video – cool stuff!!!


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