Mazda Strongly Supports Racing Hopes

When your economic situation is about to improve for the better, the filter of how you see your life & its expectations changes.  Hopes ignite & dreams start to flourish.  The same is true for the amateur & professional racing community.

The economics of racing is about proving yourself, and consistency in excellence.  It seems to be a delicate balance of raw & learned talent, supported with always sought after funds.  Even if one has all the best talent to showcase, without a good base of funds, you won’t go very far.  That’s sad, that’s not fair, but that’s life – damn it!

But hope DOES spring eternal.  MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development supports the Mazda grassroots racer with a fantastic parts discount program.

Here’s a quote from their website:

Parts Support Program

Mazda is unique among manufacturers with it’s parts support program. We’re here to support the grassroots racer. Racers that are members of the MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development program can purchase stock and competition parts for their vehicles at a substantial discount.

And I haven’t even started to discuss their Contingency Awards Program…  I also found out about the Mazda “S” Program.  It’s sort of a “secret” that Mazda doesn’t openly advertise, but I will!

Here’s a simplified description:

  • Participate (no need to win!) in some sort of amateur motorsport competition
  • Do this 2 times within a 12 month time frame
  • Provide suitable proof of your participation with your official results
  • You qualify for a steep discount at your Mazda dealer – from parts to actual new car purchases!
  • This is much less than employee pricing
  • Any other discounts and rebates are included
  • Great stuff!
  • See their FAQ page

The Mazda website seems to explain that one qualifies as a Mazda employee or relative of one.  My Mazda Miata autocross buddies tell me otherwise (see the bulleted list above).  I still have to research this further…

As always, Racing Ready will reveal to you any other great offers that are to be found out there – good luck!


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