24 Hours of LeMons – Almost Live Updates!

I just got an interesting e-mail from Eric Beverding of Harris Hill Road (H2R).  They have entered the Houston 24 Hours of LeMons this weekend (Feb. 28-Mar. 1, 2008).  The event is called the TEXAS GATOR-O-RAMA ’09.

He sent me this e-mail which will give us recent camera phone video snippets to let us partcipate with them in a virtual manner!  Here’s what Eric e-mailed:

Hey Dan,

In case you feel like checking out any of our ‘coverage’ (via my phone) of our LeMons experience, feel free to check it out.


I’ll be live streaming intermittently, and it then saves the video clips.

Hope all’s well.


Eric Beverding
2840 Harris Hill Rd.
San Marcos, TX 78666
512.692.7190 (Austin)
210.807.4570 (San Antonio)

How cool!  These clips are as is and purely spontaneous – good stuff!

Racing Ready is always on the lookout for new ways of sharing information with cutting edge technology!


Enthusiast’s Honda Civic(s) Evolution

Up until last year John was a died in the wool Subaru WRX Sti fan.  He had been autocrossing his car for a couple of years and had been really enjoying it.  Please visit As Seen on TV! for more specific details about John’s Subaru ride.

With the change in the economy looming starting to affect John’s possible economic future, John decided to divest of his Subaru investment and get back to the automobile roots of autocrossing.  He found a one owner late 80’s Honda Civic Hatchback locally that seemed to be a good candidate.  Eventually the price was right and John became its second owner.  He cleaned it up and entered it into a couple of late 2008 SASCA autocross events.  He said it was adequate to autocross, at 257K miles.  But being soft in the corners, he replaced most of the bushings.  John finally decided he wanted another vehicle that would be more aggressive and competitive.

So, deciding to make the Emerald Green Honda as his daily driver, enter the “imported” 1990 Honda Civic Si John found in Richmond, VA.  He flew up there & drove it back.  He said it was just a bit rough, but not that bad.  That was regarding both the trip & his “new” Civic find.

John brought his white Virginia Civic to the last 2008 SASCA Autocross event.  He explained that it was a work in progress.  Then this year he’s been to one SASCA Autocross & the first SPOKES Autocross event.  The car looks and is performing more better & more competitively.  Here are some recent pictures… click to enlarge.

And here are some more specific, detailed shots of of John’s “new” Civic.

Racing Ready, is also evolving… more as we progress forward!  Stay tuned…


Subaru Grocery Getter, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

As in life, you can’t always trust what you see as being correct.  Take the case of Chad’s 2002 Subaru Impeza WRX, which pretty much looks like a standard WRX wagon model.  Well, as Chad explained there have been many significant modifications and upgrades to his car.  Now I might be wrong about the model year, as this car’s major changes are from other model years.  By the way, this embroidery machine reviews was at the 2009 SPOKES Autocross #1 event.

The first thing Chad mentioned was that he had swapped out the original engine for what is called a JDM, a Japanese Domestic Motor – a 2.0 liter version.  These engines are supposed to be better built, with stricter tolerances & stronger parts.  He also had to reprogram the computer chip for 93 octane gas.  Apparently in Japan, they have much higher octane gas available.  The JDM motor would have run worse on the USA’s version of high test gasoline without the chip’s retuning.

Then Chad went out and had the suspension changed out for the parts and performance of an 2003 Subaru Sti model.  The tires and wheels are from a 2004 Subaru Sti model. It now has an S202 drivetrain, upgaded sway bars and adjustable camber settings.

One area of Chad’s car that didn’t seem modified was the interior, with the exception of a gauge or 2.  But it did look like it was very ready to get the job done.

Why the moniker “grocery getter”?  Well, that’s the term that the SPOKES color commentator person in the timing trailer used when talking about Chad’s car.  His car is SO much more than that!

Racing Ready enjoys discovering that some cars are not what they seem… Dan

2001 Audi TT quattro Coupe

Mike brought his slick looking 2001 Audi TT Quattro Coupe to the 2009 SPOKES Autocross #1.  It had been awhile since he had competed in one of these autocross events – I believe Mike said he paticipated last year in the Spring.  What better way to start this year by going to this first one?!

His Audi looks stealth, but is definitely no longer stock.  Here are most of the items and modifications that Mike mentioned (hope I got all the important ones!):

  • Neuspeed cold air kit
  • Mod Shack Def Con inserts (?)
  • Forge turbo input pipe
  • OCT front mount intercooler
  • INA motor mounts
  • polyurethane bushings
  • ADR performance chip
  • Magnoflow cat back exhaust
  • TEIN super street coilovers, both front & rear
  • … there’s more but I didn’t get it well-documented… just know this this car is a surprising “sleeper”… I’m sure Mike would catch you if your weren’t alert!

You just gotta love that lucscious blue leather interior – yum!

And like any dedicated autocrosser, he’s got his wheels & tires for the street (19″ x 8″) and those for autocross(17: x 7.5).  Mike knows his competition wheels aren’t pretty, but they were a deal & they get the work done just fine, allowing his street tires & wheels to do the look part just fine.

Racing Ready always enjoys finding the “stealthily” prepared car, that is ready to catch the unwary!


DriversMeeting.com-Keeping Our Life On Track

Just got notification of this link: driversmeeting.com

Seems like a good place for motorsports meeting & sharing – in their words:

DriversMeeting.com is the new social networking site for people that spend their quality time at, on, or around race tracks. Whether you are a Pro-Racer or are just taking your first driving school, this site is for you.

I haven’t had too much time to review all of their site, but what I’ve seen looks worthy.  Please take some time to visit, register & bookmark their site.

Racing Ready advances others that support amateur & professional motorsports!


Miatas Made For Continuous Modification

Jim brought his 2005 MAZDASPEED Miata, a Limited Edition model in a unique Orange Mica color, which is a rich copper/bronze metallic tone.  Jim came to compete at the SASCA Autocross #2 & invited Stan,  (who brought along his well-prepared 1999 Miata for the first time).  Both are Bluebonnet Miata Club members.

Jim is proud of his Limited Edition MAZDASPEED Miata and its unique Orange Mica color. He likes the color so much that he has repainted a number of the car’s pieces in the matching color.

He has painted the front shock tower brace to match, the radiator brackets, the dash vent bezels, the disc brake calipers and plans to do some more, here & there. It makes for a distinctive looking car.

The engine is stock with the exception of a K & N filter, but Jim wants to get a turbo installed. Like most all Miata owners I’ve talked to, Jim wants to continue to upgrade & modify his Miata.

Jim’s last autocross event was Spring of 2009, which explains why I had not met him before.

Racing Ready continues to chronicle those competitors who are willing to personalize their cars, both in the name of competitiveness & performance improvement.


First Time Pontiac Solstice

At the 2009 SPOKES Autocross #1, Barry came out as a novice autocrosser in his 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP.  For me, this was the first time I was able to see one of these little 2-door sport roadsters up close & personal.  The GXP model features a 260-hp 2.0-liter version of GM’s four-cylinder Ecotec with 260 foot pounds of torque, has direct-injection turbocharging & is intercooled.  Other performance features that matter: a limited-slip differential, anti-lock brakes & a stiffened suspension, as compared to the non-GXP model.

Barry drives this car as his once in awhile daily driver, and really enjoys it during Hill Country drives on back country road on the weekends.

He had somehow heard about this autocross and had seen events in the past & decided today would be a good day to check it out from behind the wheel.

You could tell by Barry’s smiles and body language that he was having a good time!

Looking at this car it seems bigger than it does from a casual distance.  I was able to sit behind the wheel and there was less room in there for my 6′ 2″ frame than there is in a Miata!  And if going somewhere with a friend for the weekend, you better pack light.  As you can see in the trunk, there is a very precious small amount of space in there.  That big “hump” in the trunk is the gas tank.  So, with the top down there is even less space – but it sure looks cool!

Racing Ready is always looking at new sets of wheels and welcoming new competitors to the sport.  Barry, we hope to see you out there at future events & check out the SASCA autocross world, too!