Super Bowl Sunday’s SASCA Autocross #2

Yesterday’s SASCA Autocross #2 went off just fine!  There were over 60 car/competitor combinations & it was a beautiful, sun shiny day in the 70’s.  Besides the usual regulars who I’m already familiar with, there were a good amount of new people (novices), or individuals who have been away for a couples of years, or so.  There’s a lot of detail in these images – as always, click to enlarge…

One other difference at this autocross was the amount of visitors & non-competing observers.  At one point I counted almost 30 people watching the goings on!

Steve’s course was an honest challenge for everyone.  I got to experience it with 4 ride-alongs with four different cars & competitors:

  • Eric in his yellow Chevrolet Corvette
  • Wei in his black Honda Prelude
  • Jay in his black Cadillac CTS (not the loaner, this time) 🙂
  • Mike in his silver Honda S2000

The best course times were in the mid-50’s, but it was a challenge to get there for most.  Some people were not even able to get out of 1st gear.  It was such a tight, challenging & technical course.  It rewarded those who could figure out (& remember) what the best racing line was & not overdrive the course.

Racing Ready met up with some people already aware & interested in this blog & wanting to do further, possible co-promotional activity.  It was a good day for everyone.  Those who were interested were then able to go to their respective Super Bowl watching activities.


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