Jack, the Ticket Bastard – A Quality Racer

At this past Sunday’s SASCA Autocross #2, I met Jack, a new good friend of Sondra‘s (the S2KCA , [Honda] S2000 Club of America, South Central Regional Director).  He brought his Guards Read, 2006 Porsche Cayman S.  He said he had autocrossed quite a bit in years past, but that it had been quite some time ago.

Jack’s claim to fame is the ability to get out of speeding (& otherwise) tickets.  His fame became known enough that he was constantly asked how he had gotten out of these tickets.  He decided to document all the details (& then some) & created his blog: Ticket Bastard.  Quite some stories…

You can read it at your leisure.  I spent a good part of my lunch time at this autocross, in quality time conversation with Jack.  We discussed his & my blog, a number of the interesting features of his Porsche, & my my eventual goal with this autocross/racing endeavor.   It was some good word banter, much better than you are lead to believe if all you knew about Jack was what you read about him in his blog.

Here’s another instance of the kind of quality guy Jack really.  I’ve pulled this quote from the SASCA forum & it’s placed here, verbatim:

I would like to give a thanks to Sondra and her co-driver in the red Porsche. Today at the Autocross you made a day very special for someone who recently lost his brother in a tragic auto accident. He was in the process of building an autocross car when tragedy struck. Tomorrow would have been his 19th birthday. My son was helping him build his autocross car. He invited the family out today to see the race. His family never had seen an autocross race before, and being able to ride as a passenger in your car was truly amazing for him. Thanks for your kindness.

Now that’s awesome.  As I stated in a follow up post on that forum:

Sondra’s co-driver’s name is Jack. I spent more than the usual amount of time talking with him last Sunday – he’s a quality kind of guy. I see that kind of “stepping up” with many in the autocross community – it’s a great motorsports’ trait!

Here’s more about Jack’s Porsche Cayman.  I believe it is pretty much stock, although it has been bred from race car stock.  Jack has driving the Nürburgring – TWICE!  First in a stock BMW, 5 series car, I think.  He wasn’t impressed.  The second time was in an Audi TTi – he said that was GREAT!  But getting around the ‘Ring is tough to do at close to racing speeds – there are all sorts of unqualified yahoos out there, & even tour buses to watch out for!  Anyway, that’s why he has the a Nürburgring sticker on his side window.

Jack is a caring kind of guy.  I guess Sondra had some issues with her Honda S2000 & wasn’t able to bring it down to autocross.  So Jack stepped up and brought her car along “in spirit”.  Check out the painter’s tape on his Porsche’s front right fender – that was nice!

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