Kari’s Mercedes C230, Definitely Not a Poser

At the SASCA Autocross #2, I met Kari, who owns a 2004 Mercedes C230.  This was her first autocross event attended in a few years.  Her last time autocrossing was with SASCA back in the Verizon parking lot days.

Kari’s Mercedes Benz is not the typical looking German sedan – it looks better & stealthy!  She’s done only a few performance-related modifications, but there may be more later:

  • Lowering H & R springs
  • Custom cat back exhaust piping with a  Magnaflow muffler
  • Engine is stock with the exception of a cold air intake
  • Audi RS4 wheels with the Mercedes star logo (Who would have known?)

The rest of her Mercedes’ modifications are aesthetic, but they are worth it to make the car look that much more serious & purposeful:

  • Shaved most external rub strips trim (the sides will be next)
  • Black painted roof with very fine pink metallic flakes (I couldn’t see that color, but that’s what Kari said)
  • An above rear window air spoiler
  • Clear front corner parking lights
  • Smoked rear tail lights lenses

I asked Kari to explain the window stickers her Mercedes was sporting…

myMBonline is a Mercedes Benz performance website Kari frequents.

StrictlyEA (Strictly European Autosport) is a San Antonio, TX-based club website that is described as “The Alamo City’s Exclusive European Car Club”.  I’m told they do some nice, organized Hill Country runs on weekends.

The GROUPIES=”thumbs down” (in pink) sticker has the following meaning associated with it: These are the kind of girl groupies that show up at car events, are scantily dressed, & looking for guys to date/marry = they are dumb to attend these events as such, not the right kind of women to attend racing events – nice eye candy, but out of place & no substance.

I concur.  We need more girls in motorsports like you, Kari.  You go girl!

Racing Ready supports racing gender equity!


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