Ready To Learn 1999 Miata Novice

Stanislav (Stan) is an autocross novice.  He was invited to attend the SASCA Autocross #2 by his friend Jim, an autocross veteran.  I hadn’t met Jim before – he is another Miata owner who hasn’t been to an autocross since early last year.  Both Stan & Jim are Bluebonnet Miata Club members.

Stan brought his red 1999 Miata.  You can tell that Stan is not at all new to the car modification world.  From a distance you can see a more aggressive take of the traditional 2nd generation Miata front end grill area.  Also, Stan mentioned that his car is NOT a MAZDASPEED model (there were none made in 1999).  These were additions made by a previous owner.

On closer inspection I noted that this was a well-sculpted, striking body kit.  He ordered it from eBay & had a local shop prep & install it.

Many of his car’s modifications were also obtained via eBay:

  • Lowering springs
  • Adjustable shocks
  • Cold air intake
  • Oil cooler
  • Header
  • Cat back exhaust

Stan’s car has over 150K miles on it.  He says it’s starting to burn oil, having to put in an additional quart every 500 miles.  He knows that it will need to get it rebuilt soon.

It looked like Stan had a good time learning the course & beginning to understand the way to properly control his car to optimize “cone throughput”.  As a novice the best way to learn is to have a veteran autocrosser ride along with you, for at least the first couple of runs.  Stan definitely took advantage of that.

Racing Ready is excited to see more novices entering the sport & getting the support they need.  Come back for more, Stan!


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