SPOKES Club To Debut 2009 Autocross Season

This coming Sunday, February 15, 2009, SPOKES (Texas SPOKES Sports Car Club) will start off the current year autocross season with their first event.  They will again have the San Antonio Raceway’s large parking lot as their venue.  The good news is that club president Rick has been negociating with another interesting location.  I won’t tell you where till it’s official, but it IS much closer to Austin!

Here is a course map for this SPOKES Autocross #1, season opener.

It looks deceptively easy, but I’m sure it will have some surprises for competitors.  Since it is the day after Valentine’s Day, some broken hearts may occur .  We’ll see…  I plan to attend, but in my normal “blogger mode”.

Racing Ready is looking forward to hooking up with the SPOKES folks this weekend!


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