No More Pace Car For Noobies?

The other day I received an e-mail from the Mario Andretti / Jeff Gordon Racing School.  They were all hyped up about the novel idea of putting completely non-experienced people behind the wheels of their “race cars” without a pace car in front of them.

I wouldn’t want to share the track with noobie drivers in that scenario!

Here are some of the details that were e-mailed to me:

Just announced:  Major program changes at Mario Andretti / Jeff Gordon Racing School.  No more pace cars!  YOU control the speed! Mario Andretti and Jeff Gordon Racing School announced sweeping changes to its racing school programs today.

Beginning March 6th 2009, racing school participants will no longer be required to follow a pace car and will not have an instructor with them in the race car.  Each driver will have a Personal Racing Instructor guide them through their timed racing session via an in-car radio system.

Based on a 1.5 mile oval, drivers in the Qualifier and Checkered Flag programs can reach top speeds of 150mph.  In the Winners Circle, Victory Lane and World Champion programs, speeds can reach up to an amazing 170mph.  Anyone over the age of 18 with a valid driver’s license will be able to drive real NASCAR race cars and full-size Indy-style race cars at over 12 racetracks across the United States.

I have very limited driving track time (only twice) & ridden along in high speed race track conditions (also only twice).  Being out there on track alone without somebody physically there and also without someone to follow is either scary or boring, or both.

Racing Ready thinks it’s best to be paced!
Do you have experience that says otherwise?


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