What Is Racer’s Luck?

Are you supersticious?

Many racers may have certain regular habits they go through to assure themselves of a safe, successful outcome.  Here are some examples:

  • wearing a specific pair of “lucky” socks (or other piece of clothing)
  • getting into their race car going through a specific series of motions
  • putting on their helmet or driving gloves in a certain way
  • using a specific good luck charm or talisman

Do these methods work?  I’m sure it’s up to the individual.  Probably it’s best explained that these routine methods give the racer a sense of predictable outcome, a point of normalcy, & a stable foundation to start from.

Such is life…

If you feel secure in what you’re going to be doing, confidence follows.  Your activities in life seem to flow – you’ll be “in the zone”.  This can consistently happen using visualization techniques.  That is, you go through a specific timeframe of succesful actions in your mind (like picturing a movie/slide show of a successful racing session).  Practiced often, this is an excelent way to work toward successful results.

Racing Ready believes you create your own luck & success in life, but using good visualization techniques can’t help but to skew your results to the positive side of your life!


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