1992 Mazda “Casper-Frankenstein” Miata

Jeff is a great autocross enthusiast who was happy to talk briefly to me about his very modified 1992 Mazda Miata.  This was at the 2009 SPOKES Autocross #1.  He was so happy (and wanted me to get the complete details) that he e-mailed a LOT of the more specific details.  I will let his words carry on for today’s posting… Jeff wrote SO enthusiastically & was very informative.  Read for yourself!

Dan, I wanted to apologize for not being able to talk a little after my runs this afternoon. I get caught up in all of the adrenaline associated with autocross.  I want to do well, and for some reason I want my competitors to do well also.  How can I be any good if every around me is bad?  I want the best competition I can get, and Spokes definitely has that.  One of my closest competitors is my own cousin.  In SSM, formerly SM2, there are some fantastic cars with equally fantastic drivers.

I wanted to share a little more about my car and how I got into autocrossing.

I bought the car in 2001. It was sitting on a used car lot with a price tag of 6k. It had 85k miles on it. I knew they were asking way too much for it and went in to bargain with them. After no deal was reached, about 3 months went by and the car was still there. I stopped in again, and their minds had changed and were more than willing to bargain. After purchasing the car, I attended a local Tejas Miata Club meeting at the request of a friend (Dani Pedroza). After a few months of spending time with the club, I found out one of the club events for the year was to participate in an AutoX with Spokes. We had our class specifically for the Tejas Miata Club. At that time Spokes events were being held at Tech Ridge, which was a small airstrip next to Dell. For some reason after that event I did not participate in another event until April 2007. Between July 2001 and April 2007, the car has gone through many changes. It has had more than 5 different shock and spring setups….5 different wheel and tire combos…and 3 different forced Inductions.

Currently the car competes competitively in SSM, formerly SM2. It’s current underhood configuration is a 92 Miata, a BRP MP62 Supercharger (9PSI boost), a Track Dog racing Intercooler, with a built 99 motor. The engine has 84.5mm JE pistons, Belfab Rods, a knife edged crank. The pistons in this engine are actually the first set produced by JE in 84.5mm size. A good friend of mine was working with JE to build a motor, and these are what they sent him. He pioneered these with JE.

Casper, as I call her, has been a great car for me. It is my daily driver, track car, and autocross car. It has a Hard Dog M2 Sport Roll bar, and Tein Flex fully adjustable coil overs. It sits on 949racing 6UL’s 15×8 wheels fitted with 225/45-15 Hoosier A6’s.

Over the past year and a half I have not only learned how to drive my car better, but I have learned from some of the best drivers in the nation. Today, I not only raced against fierce competitors, I spent time with great friends.

Last year “Casper” was the Southwest Divisional SM2 Champion.  Granted this was largely in part to several incredible cars not making the journey.  Casper drove there (Baton Rouge 2nd place, Houston 1st place, Dallas 2nd place) towing a tire trailer and some tools, raced hard, then drove me home.

My results from today I hope speak volumes about this club and how it can enhance your abilities. Of the top 8 fastest times today, 3 were in my class (SSM), that is a very competitive class. My “Frankenstein” Miata held it’s own up against some incredible machines like Stanford Currey’s 430HP S2k, Troy Acosta’s 415 HP Corvette, and some fully prepped FP class race cars. Not bad for a 17yr old daily driver that was going to waste on a car lot.

Thanks for doing what you do to help keep the sport alive.

Jeff Warden
1992 Mazda Miata #33 SSM

Here is the results table that Jeff mentioned.  Click to enlarge & you’ll see the competitive nature of those SPOKES guys!

Racing Ready is grateful for amateur motorsports participants like Jeff – his kind of enthusiasm is very infectious!


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