Miatas Made For Continuous Modification

Jim brought his 2005 MAZDASPEED Miata, a Limited Edition model in a unique Orange Mica color, which is a rich copper/bronze metallic tone.  Jim came to compete at the SASCA Autocross #2 & invited Stan,  (who brought along his well-prepared 1999 Miata for the first time).  Both are Bluebonnet Miata Club members.

Jim is proud of his Limited Edition MAZDASPEED Miata and its unique Orange Mica color. He likes the color so much that he has repainted a number of the car’s pieces in the matching color.

He has painted the front shock tower brace to match, the radiator brackets, the dash vent bezels, the disc brake calipers and plans to do some more, here & there. It makes for a distinctive looking car.

The engine is stock with the exception of a K & N filter, but Jim wants to get a turbo installed. Like most all Miata owners I’ve talked to, Jim wants to continue to upgrade & modify his Miata.

Jim’s last autocross event was Spring of 2009, which explains why I had not met him before.

Racing Ready continues to chronicle those competitors who are willing to personalize their cars, both in the name of competitiveness & performance improvement.


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