2001 Audi TT quattro Coupe

Mike brought his slick looking 2001 Audi TT Quattro Coupe to the 2009 SPOKES Autocross #1.  It had been awhile since he had competed in one of these autocross events – I believe Mike said he paticipated last year in the Spring.  What better way to start this year by going to this first one?!

His Audi looks stealth, but is definitely no longer stock.  Here are most of the items and modifications that Mike mentioned (hope I got all the important ones!):

  • Neuspeed cold air kit
  • Mod Shack Def Con inserts (?)
  • Forge turbo input pipe
  • OCT front mount intercooler
  • INA motor mounts
  • polyurethane bushings
  • ADR performance chip
  • Magnoflow cat back exhaust
  • TEIN super street coilovers, both front & rear
  • … there’s more but I didn’t get it well-documented… just know this this car is a surprising “sleeper”… I’m sure Mike would catch you if your weren’t alert!

You just gotta love that lucscious blue leather interior – yum!

And like any dedicated autocrosser, he’s got his wheels & tires for the street (19″ x 8″) and those for autocross(17: x 7.5).  Mike knows his competition wheels aren’t pretty, but they were a deal & they get the work done just fine, allowing his street tires & wheels to do the look part just fine.

Racing Ready always enjoys finding the “stealthily” prepared car, that is ready to catch the unwary!


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